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1804 The Hidden history of Haiti! (2nd viewing)


The OFC (OneFullCircle Melanated community network) is excited to Present:

1804 The Hidden history of Haiti! (2nd viewing)

1804 The Hidden History of Haiti is a feature length documentary film about the untold history of the Haitian revolution, which was the most successful slave rebellion in history! This documentary film has gone in depth into the history of Haiti, and the real reasons for the current state of Haiti.

With the growing desires for the melanated community to understand their origins and to work together as a community, The OFC Network felt that it was imperative to host a 2nd viewing of the documentary here in Montreal, but in FRENCH & ENGLISH!

Having a bilingual viewing will enable everyone to learn and be inspired by this amazing history. It will also create an opportunity for French and English speaking community to connect in a positive environment.

« It is time that The Haitian revolution, the perseverance of the Haitian people & the amazing history of Haiti be uncovered, shared and taught to a all generations of people, and used a source of inspiration.» – The OFC

Doors open at 6:30pm, film to begin at 7:00pm sharp.

Cost: $15 general admission, $12.50 for Seniors, Children, Students & Members of the OFC OneFullCircle melanated community network. $20.00 at the door for all.